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We understand your dilemma when you face a complex medical issue – from being sure about the line of treatment to the cost involved – there are plenty of aspects on which you wish you could have a second opinion. is a platform built to give you quick and easy digital access to our expert panel of doctors.

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As your 24×7 reliable and trust-worthy partner, we bring you expert doctors across more than 30 specialities. From second opinions for simple medicine prescriptions, to complex life-changing surgeries, you can bank on for honest & trustworthy medical second opinion.

How did the idea of come-up? – an
idea born out of the
patients’ need for a second
opinion is an idea born out of a simple insight – the desire for patients to consult another medical expert, especially when they had been suggested surgeries that were very expensive or life changing. But the challenge faced was that finding an expert doctor. That’s why we created as an online platform where patients can get honest, trustworthy and unbiased opinions from anywhere in the world.