If your doctor says you need surgery to diagnose or treat a health problem that isn’t an emergency, it is always advisable to take a second opinion.

It’s up to you to decide and if you’ll have surgery.

How do I find a doctor for a second opinion?

There are many hurdles which you could face in taking a second opinion, especially in India. For example, if you reside in a small town of India and a doctor with your desired specialisation doesn’t practice in your town, you will have to go to the nearest metro city. This could easily mean a travel of 3-4 hours one way and all associated costs such as travelling.

At other times, finding an expert doctor also becomes a challenge. While there are portals that boast about having thousands of doctors, shortlisting a doctor becomes a challenge.

But these are exactly some challenges and hurdles that our platform – secondopinion.clinic overcomes. Secondopinion.clinic is an online platform that has the most experienced and expert doctors from more than 30 specialities. Whatever the nature of your surgery, you are sure to find an expert doctor on our panel. Since the platform is online, it saves your time and money that you would otherwise need for travelling to the nearest metro city. All you need to do is upload your documents on the portal, pay the doctor’s consultation fee and wait for his prescription. This apart, our system automatically allocates you the expert doctor. This process we believe makes the process extremely transparent and eliminates biases of all forms.

If you have been advised any surgery, and are wishing to take a second opinion, please click here to create your account and book a second opinion consultation.

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